French Quiz

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We have started learning the alphabet in French and the students will be having an oral quiz on Monday.  I will say letters in English and they need to pronounce them in French.  I will also pronounce letters in French and they will have to identify the letter.  The students have a sheet in their binders to help them study and may also want to review the following video.

Happy Studying!

Mrs. Goosen


Friday Update

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We have come to the end of another great week.  The class is settling in very well and we have enjoyed our time with them.  Below are some items for you to read over as well as the calendar for September.

No Spelling – due to a short week next week there will not be a spelling quiz or vocabulary work.

Pizza Lunch – for those students who use a pizza card on Tuesdays, we wanted to let you know that pizza will only be given to students with punches left on their pizza card. Pizza punch cards can be purchased at the office.

Bibles – we have students who are missing their Bibles.   They will need to have them by the end of next week and can be purchased at the office for $15.

September Dates

Monday, September 18th – Parent Welcome Night (6:30pm start)

Friday, September 22nd – Pro D Day

Wednesday, September 27th – Knight’s Day

Have a great weekend!

And We’re Off!

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Good afternoon!  We have made it to the end of our first official week!  Miss Doerksen and I would like to let you know how THRILLED we are to have such an amazing group of students in our class this year!  This week was full of fun get-to-know-you and team building activities as well as some goal setting, learning about Metacognition (thinking about your thinking), starting our classroom economy, self portraits and a fun “Days of Summer” Math project.

Thank you for filling out the Student Information sheets and handing them in so quickly.  We love reading these as it gives us important insights to your child and helps us understand them better.  Please feel free to send us an email or come in after school if you want to chat about anything.

We usually send out blog posts every Friday – this will be an exceptionally long one as there is lots to tell you.  Usually it will have upcoming dates, spelling information as well as information about other things happening in our classroom or school. And, we love to include pictures so you can see what is happening in our classroom.   Let’s get started…

School Supplies – thank you for sending these on the first day of school.  Some students still need to bring in their oil pastels (can be purchased from Staples), Kleenex, Bibles and the prescribed amount of pencils.  If you could get those in next week, that would be great.

Pizza Lunch – this happens on Tuesdays and begins next Tuesday, September 12th.  Slices are $2 each and a pizza punch card can be purchased from the office.

Bible Memory Verse – we are starting with the Lord’s Prayer and the first two verses are due next Wednesday, September 13th.  The students have been given a sheet with the whole passage.  This should be in their planners.  It is also on the Blog under the Bible Memory tab.

Class Economy – there has been quite a buzz in the classroom about our classroom economy.  Students have applied for, and received their first classroom job.  They will start earning money and hopefully not incur any fines this month.  At the end of the month students will pay $500 rent for their desk as well as receive their monthly salary.  With their profits, students have an opportunity to purchase items from a classroom store.  We would love donations from parents to help run this store.  I have purchased some things to get us started but this will not sustain us through the year.  A couple of chocolate bars, unwanted toys from home, etc. make excellent store items.

Spelling – below I have included the spelling words for next Friday’s spelling test.  We will do both spelling and vocabulary work each week.  The students will have ten words that they will need to practice for Friday’s test and also do vocabulary work for those ten words.  This will also be due on Friday.   Students will have class time to complete these but may need to be finished at home from time to time.  Spelling words will be posted on spelling city (link can be found on the right hand side of the blog…just follow way down) and if students get a perfect score on the spelling city test they will get an additional bonus mark on their quiz.  In order to receive this mark there must be a note in the planner or an email to Miss Doerksen ( stating that they got a perfect score on spelling city.  A certificate from spelling city can also be printed out and handed in.

Spelling Words – claim, measure, represent, position, suppose, arrange, similar, continue, appoint, touch

Dates for September

Thursday, September 14th – Individual Student Photos (full dress uniform)

Monday, September 18th – Parent Welcome Night

Friday, September 22nd – Pro D Day

Wednesday, September 27th – Knight’s Day

Some pictures of our first week…enjoy!

Welcome to Our Class!

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Welcome to Mrs. Goosen and Mrs. Doerksen’s grade 5 class blog.  We are so excited to be starting a new year with you and look forward to getting to know you and your families.

On the first day of school a letter will be sent home for parents.  It will be one of the last paper newsletters that you will see, as all class information, notifications, assignments, important dates, etc will be posted here during the year.

Please subscribe to our blog (on the right hand side bar) so that you will receive an e-mail when we make a new post.  Looking forward to a great year together!

Classroom Clean Up

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Tomorrow is our big classroom clean up day!  Please send along an extra bag or two as your child will be bringing home all of their things tomorrow!  We are also going to be having different water balloon games so please bring along a towel!  Last full day…where has time gone…

Thanks!  Mrs. G

Final Friday Update

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Where has the year gone…one week left of school!  It is hard to believe that we are almost finished school and gearing up for summer break!  What a wonderful class this has been – both Mrs. Derksen and I have loved  working with this amazing group of students this year!!

We just have a few quick announcements for next week:

Waterslides on Monday – this is a full day event and the bus will return between 3:30.  Please pack lots of food, sunscreen, water and a towel for the kids!  Modesty is key for bathing suits – please email me or refer to the uniform policy if you are unsure.

Final Assembly on Tuesday – we will be handing out our term three citizenship and academic awards at the assembly on Tuesday.  9:15 start.  Parents are welcome to join us.

Tuesday Class Party – Mrs. Derksen will be having a class party on Tuesday afternoon.  Please bring a snack to share.

Wednesday Noon Dismissal – this is the primary fun day and a regular morning for the intermediate.  We will be busy finishing up stories and Science projects!

Thursday Water Balloon Fun- I have some leftover water balloons from our intermediate fun day and wanted to have my own little ‘class party’ with the kids.  This is unofficial and no snacks are needed…maybe just send along a towel.  Students will wear their phys ed strips during this time and they can get changed back into their uniform at the end of the day (if they want).

Friday Worship Time & Dismissal – at 11:15 the elementary students will head into the chapel for one last time together.  Dismissal will be from the classrooms at noon.

I think that is it!  Have a fantastic weekend!




Final Chapel & Awards Presentation Changes

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IMPORTANT INFO!!  Please note the following:

Worship Chapel

In past years, we have usually ended our year by awarding our Term 3 Citizenship and Academic Awards to our students, as well as having each class showcased through a performance or video, at a Year End Assembly. As we look ahead to the end of this year, we would like to do something that is a little more low-key and better celebrates our journey with God during the past year.

This year, our citizenship awards and academic awards will be presented during our final chapel/assembly time. For the intermediates, this will be happening in the Chapel on June 20 starting at 9:15 during our usual chapel time.

On the last day of school, students from both the primary and intermediate will gather in the Chapel at 11:15 to worship and pray. We will be singing some songs, praying for our summer, hearing a message from one of our teachers and just spending some last few moments together before our year is finished. Just to note, students will be dismissed at 12:00 from their classrooms on June 23rd. This is a change from last year, where students were dismissed right after the assembly. 

We’re hoping that this change will provide a more spiritual end to our school year and that students will enjoy an opportunity to celebrate God’s work in our lives as well as an opportunity to pray for the summer.

Friday Update

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Two weeks of school left…woo hoo!  We have been working hard here in the 5/6 classroom, busy wrapping up units and projects.  Genius hour is finished and the students did an amazing job!  I have a few presentations left and we will do them next week.  We are also done spelling for the year and have one final Bible Memory Verse left to go.  Below are some dates for things coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Wave Pool on Monday – we will be at the Landing Leisure center on Monday afternoon.  Students can wear casual clothes on Monday.

Fun Day on Wednesday – Students have been given their team colours for Wednesday.  Noon dismissal.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, June 12th – Leisure Center (pool) field trip

Wednesday, June 14th – 1/2 day, noon dismissal

Monday, June 19th – Cultas Lake Waterslides

Wednesday, June 21st – Primary Fun day, noon dismissal

Friday, June 23rd – Last day of school, noon dismissal

Have a great weekend!

A Few Things…

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Good morning!  I just a have a few items that I wanted to let you know about:

  1.  Students are having a Science unit test on Friday and will be coming home with study guides today.  There is also a French quiz tomorrow.
  2. We are all out of Kleenex boxes and there are some spring colds/allergies in the classroom…aka…lots of sniffing and blowing noses.  If I could get a couple of Kleenex boxes this week I would appreciate it.
  3. We will have our final school store the last week of school and are in need of some final prizes.  We have a lot of chips but could use some cans of pop and other yummy treats.

Thank you!  Have a great week!
Pam Goosen