Weekly Update

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It was a great first week back to school after the break…and with a bonus snow day thrown in!  I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  I am glad that the weather has warmed up a bit!

Casual Day Tomorrow (Monday)!!!  This is in lieu of Friday’s casual day that we missed.

Spelling – we will keep the same list and do the quiz this coming Friday.  The spelling list is on spelling city from last week.

1/2 Day this Friday – 12:15 dismissal.

Important Dates:

Friday, January 19 – 1/2 Day with 12:15 dismissal
Monday, January 22: Pro-D Day
Thursday, January 25th: Canada Colours Dress-Up
Friday. January 26th: Ski Trip
Tuesday, January 30th: Math Mayhem

I think that is it!  Have a great week!

Get Ready to Sharpen Your Minds

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Today students were introduced to our next Science Unit – Force, Motion and Simple Machines.  We watched a couple of interesting videos (posted below) and learned about an award winning cartoonist named Rube Goldberg, who was famous for drawing elaborate cartoons that performed a very simple function.  Students were then challenged to figure out the Rube Goldberg bulletin board – to which they did a great job!  At the end of this unit students will create a Rube Goldberg machine using several simple machines, with the goal of popping a balloon!  This is sure to be a fun Science unit!


Welcome Back

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I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas break! Our family had a busy first week and then had some time to unwind and relax the second week!  There is some information below for you as well as some dates for January.

Ski Trip Payment – If your child is going on the ski trip then you will need to come to the lobby on Tuesday or Wednesday after school to pay for the trip.   If you are unable to make it then please email Mr. Hancock at ihancock@highroadacademy.com  to make other arrangements.

Early Dismissal & Casual Day on Friday, January 12th – Just a reminder that students won a casual dress and half day this Friday.  Students will be dismissed at 12:15.

Spelling & BMV – Spelling will begin this week but BMV will begin NEXT Wednesday.  =)

Spelling Words:  modern, popular, complete, adopt, reveal, distribute, purpose, different, satisfy, control

Genius Hour – Genius Hour will begin on Wednesday but we will have a shortened block of time this winter, most likely 6 weeks.

January Calendar:

Monday, January 8th – School Resumes

Tuesday & Wednesday, January 9th & 10th – Ski Trip Payment time in the Lobby after school

Friday, January 12th – Early Dismissal (12:15) and casual dress

Monday, January 22nd – Pro D Day

Thursday, January 25th – Canada Colours Dress Up Day

Friday, January 26th – Manning Ski Trip

Tuesday, January 30th – Math Mayhem


I think that is it!  Have a super week!

Merry Christmas!

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Miss Doerksen and I would like to say a huge thank you for showering us with gifts this Christmas!  To say we got spoiled feels like an understatement!  So thank you!!  We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Mystery Festival Pictures & A Few Reminders…

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We have a few reminders for you as we finish off the last week of school.

Wednesday – Cookie decorating.  Please have your child bring their icing or candy to decorate their cookies

Thursday – Class Lunch, Party & Christmas Concert.  Please have your child bring their lunch item, a wrapped $5 gift and remember that it is early dismissal on Thursday.  The Christmas concert starts at 1:00 and classes will be dismissed around two, as soon as the concert is done.

Food Drive Ends Tomorrow – Please send any food items in tomorrow morning.

Mystery Festival – Today the students were forensic scientists…using the evidence from the crime scene to perform five different tests.  Tomorrow morning we will examine the results of those five tests and then perform another set of tests with the rest of the crime scene findings.  It has been exciting to watch the students engage in these activities and share their theories.  I look forward to seeing them at work again tomorrow.  Below are some photos from today.  Enjoy!


Can You Solve The Mystery?

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Today we started a mini-mystery unit!  The students are forensic scientists this week and today they observed a crime scene and met the crew of suspects!  Tomorrow and Wednesday they will be performing forensic tests on the evidence and clues found at the scene of the crime and on Thursday they will draw their conclusions.  There was a lot of excitement this morning and students were so engaged in ‘the mystery’…it makes the last week of school before break much more exciting!

Below are some pictures of our morning!

Friday Update

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It is hard to believe this is one of the last blog posts of 2017!  The fall has just flown by and both Miss Doerksen and I have loved teaching your children this fall!  We have a busy last week of school so please read below…

Christmas Concert Information –  Christmas concert is this coming Monday and it starts at 6:30 this year with coffee/cookies at 6. Please have students in their classrooms by 6:15.  Students can wear any of the following colours, along with jeans (that have no holes).  Dresses may also be worn and any shoes are great.  The colours are red, white, green, and black, and students may wear any combination of those colours.

Cookie Decorating Party – Next Wednesday we will be having a cooking decorating party.  The cookies are made and each table has decided what they are going to bring for the party.  This has been written in your child’s planner.

CLASS LUNCH – THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21st  Please bring in your item first thing on Thursday morning as we will be starting lunch before noon and would like to get the meat/cheese put on platters before we begin.


Caleb – 300 grams lunch meat              Ashlyn – veggies & dip

Steffen – 300 grams lunch meat            Kayleigh – small fruit platter

Zara – 300 grams lunch meat               Blake – 300 grams lunch meat

Benjamin – 300 grams lunch meat        Ellie – dessert for 10

Leah F. – dessert for 10                        Ethan  – 1 dozen buns, sliced

Aliya – 1 dozen buns, sliced                 Hunter  – sliced cheese

Colby  – sliced cheese                           Jerah  – 1 litre pop or juice

Sam – 1 litre pop or juice                     Riya  – 1 litre pop or juice

Daniel – 1 litre pop or juice                 Matthew  – 1 bag chips

Lucas – 1 bag chips                              Kai – 1 bag chips

Arella  – dessert for 10                         Kirsten – 1 dozen buns, sliced

Teachers – plates, napkins, cups,            Leah K. – 1 bag chips

condiments                                            Joshua – 1 dozen buns, sliced

Next week we have a special high-interest mini unit planned.  I have done this in past years and it is a fun way to keep the kids engaged…especially when everyone is SO READY FOR A BREAK!!  I don’t want to give any details about the unit but I will post photos next week.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Ski Trip

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Good morning!  There is a package of ski trip information coming home today.

Ski Trip Date:  January 26th, 2018

Registration is opened today until December 19th.

Please read over the information that is coming home today and go to Mr. Hancock’s blog to register.  http://mrhclassblog.edublogs.org

Thank you!


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

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We had a lot of fun decorating for Christmas on Monday!  It was a flurry of lights, trees, fake snow, garland, yummy snacks and lots of Christmas music!  We also started our Advent unit and this week students are learning about the meaning of advent, the wreath, candles and the first candle we lit, the Candle of Hope.  We also are in the middle of our second Science Unit on the Rock Cycle.  Students have been working hard at their centers and have learning about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.  We even used Snickers Bars to show the difference between the three rock types and will continue with our unit until the Christmas break.

Below is some important information of upcoming events and things happening in our classroom and school.  There are also a couple of pictures for you to enjoy!

Cookie Decorating Party on Wednesday, December 20th – I have 100 sugar cookies baked and in the freezer, all ready to go for the class cookie decorating party!  Each table group will decide what they would like to bring to decorate their cookies and on Dec. 20th the class will decorate and enjoy eating some festive cookies!  Next week your child will write the icing/candy that they will bring.  We won’t need more than about 1/4 – 1/2 cup candy/sprinkles from each person and one container of icing per table group.  Stay tuned…

Class Christmas Party & Class Lunch – on Thursday, December 21st we will have a Christmas Lunch and class party.  As the primary concert time has been changed to Thursday afternoon, we will have our party in the morning and enjoy lunch together.  For the party we will be doing a White Elephant gift exchange.  We ask each student to bring in a $5 wrapped gift for this exchange – it is a lot of fun!  We will also be doing a class lunch and I will send out a list next week of what each student is supposed to bring on that day.

Last Spelling List of 2017:  bargain, fierce, gracious, humble, bright, busy, general, square, according, angry

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, December 18th – Christmas Concert, 6:30pm

Wednesday, December 20th – Class Cookie Decorating Party

Thursday, December 21st – Class Lunch & Party (more information to follow)

Thursday, December 21st – Primary Concert (1:00) & Early Dismissal (2:00)

Friday, December 22 – Sunday, January 7th CHRISTMAS BREAK

A few pictures…