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This is such a busy time of year and there is so much happening during these last couple weeks of school that I wanted to get this week’s update out a bit early.  So please bear with me, this might be long.  BUT, keep reading as there are some fun class party pictures you won’t want to miss!!

Bake Sale for Miss Doerksen:  We have been so incredibly blessed to have Miss Doerksen as one of our classroom teachers this year.  She has filled our classroom with creativity, love and a genuine care and concern for all of our students…not to mention, some stellar teaching skills!  As you have probably already heard, Miss Doerksen will be leaving us this year.  She has felt a call into the mission field and will begin the first ‘leg’ of her journey in September.  Many of the girls ooo’d and aaahhh’d when they heard that this includes spending a year doing language study in PARIS, FRANCE!  It is then off to a school in Niger, Africa for Miss Doerksen.  Our department would LOVE to bless Miss Doerksen by having a bake sale to help her raise funds that will go towards setting up her classroom.  The bake sale is on Thursday, June 14th and the grade 5’s will be manning the bake sale during recess and lunch time.  Students can volunteer to bring in a dozen full-sized cupcakes (bought or made) or pick up donuts.  Please make sure that baking is peanut free.  All items will be for sale for $1.  If you would like to bring cupcakes or donuts, please have them at the school on Thursday morning.

Final Worship Chapel:  On Tuesday, June 12th the elementary department will have their final worship chapel together.  Parents are welcome to join us in the chapel for 9:15.  As our whole elementary will be there, space is limited and there may end up being standing room only.

Science Quiz on Monday:  We are wrapping up our unit on the Digestive System and the class will have a final quiz on Monday.  Study guides have been filled out and all items they need to know have been highlighted.  Quiz will be matching, multiple choice and fill in the blank.  We will also spend some time reviewing the material before the quiz.

Student Writing Samples:  All of our writing this year has been done on the Chromebooks, in the student’s google drive accounts.  I will not be printing out all of their writing and sending it home but am happy to send you their email and password if you would like to view this years writing.  Please email me at pgoosen@highroadacademy.com if you would like to access your child’s work.

Sports Day Volunteers:  We are looking for one or two people who might help us with keeping score, setting up games etc. next Friday morning.  We will pay you in a cold treat (and a hug too!!).  Please email Pam at pgoosen@highroadacademy.com  if you would like to help us with some crazy sports day games!!!  Laughter guaranteed!!

Spelling – this week marks our final spelling list.

Sending Things Home:  Over the next week we will slowly be sending things home.  Unused school supplies will also come home so you can re-send in fall.

Dates to Remember:

June 12 – Year end Worship Chapel at 9:15
June 15 – Elementary Sports Day Grade 4-6, half day
June 18 – Grades 4-6 Cultus Lake
June 20 -Last day of school k-6, half day

Class Party: We had a party re-do yesterday, minute to win it style…and it was fun!  I thought I would share a few pictures of our party!  Enjoy!



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