Weekly Update

I hope you have been able to enjoy this beautiful weather this week!  It has felt like summer this weekend, hasn’t it?  We had a great week in our classroom and the students have been very productive, despite the summer weather outside!  Here is a snapshot of what we were working on this week:

Math:  we continued our work with fractions, with a focus on equivalent fractions as well as ordering fractions.  Next week we will wrap up this unit and move on to decimals.

Writing:  We kicked off our poetry unit this week with our poetry slam!  Students chose a poem and we have been having a poetry reading contest at the beginning of each writing block.  We also wrote three poems this week…and they are amazing!

Science:  We started a new unit on the human body this week.  We learned the relationship between cells, tissues, organs and systems and then students acted out the digestive system!  That was fun (and there may have been some giggling in there as well).  Next week students will work their way through centers as they explore more about this system.

Bible:  Students are beginning an independent topical study.  Students looked over a variety of topics and chose a few that might interest them.  This week we will dig in to the Bible to see what it has to say!

Reading: This week we explored the city of Lahore, Pakistan in order to better understand the journey of our protagonist. Students also responded to some reading comprehension.

Social Studies: As we continue our current unit, we are now trying to figure out what our class colony on Mars should be like since in our hypothetical story we are now immigrating there. Students are in different groups with specific focuses. Next week we will talk about areas we all agree on and things that we would like to change.

Art: Due to the beautiful weather we paused our current art project and instead did a nature found object activity. The theme was ‘beach’ and with some strict guidelines and a limited amount of time the class used found objects in the school garden to create some incredible pieces of art! See for yourselves!

Things Coming Up,,,

Save the date:  We have a field trip to Lindeman Lake on Thursday, May 27th.  We would love parents to join us on this trip.  You will need to ensure that your criminal record check information is up to date at the office and meet us at the trailhead.  We will plan to leave school at 9:15 and return around 2:00.

Interim Reports:  These will be coming home on Friday and are meant to give you a snapshot of how your child is doing as we head toward the final stretch of Grade Five.

Upcoming Dates:

Apr. 23 – Interim Reports go home & Knights Day

Apr. 30 – Pro-D Day

Here are some photos for you to enjoy…


Weekly Update

The weeks seem to be flying by!  Although we had a short week this week, we still managed to get a lot accomplished!  Here is an overview of what we did this week:

Math:  We continued our learning of fractions with a focus on building equivalent fractions.  Next week we will work on ordering and comparing fractions.

Writing:  Students wrote a comparative essay this week, following the both, same, different, end writing structure.  They compared two items of their choice and I was impressed with the writing that I saw!  Next week we begin our poetry unit.

Reading : We’re halfway through our novel study now. This week we had some great ethical discussions relating to the book and students wrote a chapter summary.

Social Studies: The class had the chance to reflect on a political cartoon from 140 years ago and pretend to tell the illustrator what they think the cartoonist should know about racism.

Art: We practiced using water colour pencil crayons this week. Our focus was on blending and shading.

A Few Reminders…

Beach Day on Wednesday:  Students can come dressed up in their favourite beach wear!  Shorts and t’s, tank tops etc.  The weather should even be nice on Wednesday!

Interim Reports:  We will be sending these out on Friday, April 23rd.

Little Hoopsters & Little Diggers:  Please continue to pick students up after school at regular time and provide your own supervision until programing starts. Again, thank you so much for your cooperation in these strange times! We are all doing our best to provide our best for students within the current limitation.

Upcoming Dates:

Apr. 14 – Beach Day K-6

Apr. 16 – Knights Day

Apr. 23 – Interim Reports go home & Knights Day

Apr. 30 – Pro-D Day

Little Hoopsters & Diggers Start This Week

I wanted to send a reminder that Little Diggers & Hoopsters start this week.

Little Diggers is today (Tuesdays) from 3:45 – 4:30

Little Hoopsters is on Mondays from 3:45 – 4:45 and Thursdays from 3:00 – 3:55.

Please remember that students still need to be picked up after school and then dropped back off when their session starts at 3:45.  As our campus is closed after school, students cannot wait around at the playground or on campus.  Thanks for your understanding with this.

Happy Easter to you and your family,  We had a great first week back!  We have begun a lot of new units this week and are looking forward to this final stretch of school.  Here is what we worked on this week:

Writing:  We have begun our comparative writing piece this last week and will continue working on it this week.  We also are working on a morning grammar booklet.

Math:  We have begun our unit on fractions and will be focusing our attention on equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.

Bible:  We finished our mini Easter unit and will be turning our attention next week to an independent study unit.  Bible Memory will be coming home tomorrow.  I have included this week’s BMV for you here as well.  The Bible Memory page has also been updated.

Galatians 5:22-23. But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.   Against such things there is no law.

Science:  This week we finished our Mixtures and Solutions unit and students did a ‘show what you know’ unit assessment on Tuesday.  I was thrilled to see how much students learned during this Science unit.  We are now turning our attention to the human body. First up, the digestive system!

Reading: we continued to read Amal Unbound. This week we discussed figurative language (simile, metaphor, and personification) as well as how to compare and contrast using a Venn diagram.

Social Studies: This week we looked at some old pictures of early Chinese immigrants to BC and talked about how images can tell us a lot about history. One of the most interesting discussions was about a political cartoon, the class was incredibly insightful as they talked about the ways that racism and discrimination were evident and displayed in the drawing. We also spent some time learning in the school garden, some students made friends with a local snail when their work was done.

April Calendar:

Apr. 9 – Knights Day

Apr. 14 – Beach Day K-6

Apr. 16 – Knights Day

Apr. 23 – Interim Reports go home & Knights Day

Apr. 30 – Pro-D Day

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

Have a great week!

Weekly Update

We made it!  The students continued to work hard this week and we celebrated with a class party this afternoon!  We have a brief snapshot of what we have been doing this week and then some dates for April.

This week in Grade Five:

Math:  We finished up ‘solving for the unknown’ and will start fractions when we return

Reading: We read six more chapters of Amal Unbound this week. Our focus has been on inferencing and making predictions.

Social Studies: Our discussion this week continued to be focused on historical discrimination practices in Canada’s immigration past.

Science:  We looked at three ways to separate a solution and students made crystals this week.

Writing:  We worked through the skeleton of comparative writing and students helped me revise an essay I wrote comparing cats and dogs.  They will begin writing their own pieces when we return.

French:  We continued learning about months of the year.

Upcoming Dates:

Mar. 29 – Classes resume

Mar. 31 – Class Photos

April 2 – Good Friday (no school)

April 5th – Easter Monday (no school)

April 9th – Knight’s Day

April 14th – Beach Day

April 16th – Knight’s Day

April 23rd – Knight’s Day & Interim Reports Go Home

April 30 – Knight’s Day

Have a WONDERFUL spring break!

Weekly Update

We have one final week of school before spring break!  Students have been working hard this week, despite being SO ready for a break!  Here is a snapshot of what we have been working on this week:

Math – continuing working on solving for the unknown.  We will finish up early next week.

Writing – we have started looking at a new type of writing called Comparative writing.

Science – we looked at various ways of separating mixtures and next week will look at ways to separate solutions.

French – we started learning about the calendar – and months of the year.

Reading –  We’ve started a new novel study. For the next few months, we are going to be reading Amal Unbound. Along with comprehension activities we are also discussing Pakistani culture, family, responsibility, and education.

Social Studies – Our immigration unit continued this week with a timeline activity. We are looking at the effect of various immigration policies throughout Canadian history that have impacted individuals and groups of people.

A few things coming up…

Class Photos

I am happy to announce that our very own Leah Riley (Three Leaf Photography, HRA photography teacher, Highroad mom and hero of the hour) is willing to do class photos for our school. We have set the date for Wednesday, March 31st which is our first Wednesday back after break. It is a regular uniform day, but students can choose from any of their uniform pieces. We are going to try and do the photos outside on the field, but if the weather is uncooperative, we will use an inside location following all covid safe regulations. The class photos will be made available to you at a later date.

Storybook Character Dress Up – this is happening on Wednesday, March 10th.

Class Party – students have won a class party this Friday.  Please feel free to send along some pre-packaged snacks to share.

Upcoming Dates:

Mar. 10 – Storybook Character Day

Mar. 12 – Knights Day/Last Day Before Spring Break

Mar. 29 – Classes resume

Here are some pictures of the students separating mixtures this week:

Weekly Update

The countdown is on!  Two weeks left of school until spring break!  Ms. Miller and I have been really proud of how hard the students have been working these last few weeks.  We are not slowing down as we are trying to keep the momentum going right up until the break.  So far the students are tracking along with us!  We also have only two class points needed for a party.  I think there is a good chance that they will be able to earn their party before the break!

Here is a snapshot of what we have been doing this week:

Social Studies: We got to hear about every family’s immigration story this week. WOW! What an incredible experience. Our world map got filled up with yarn, modes of transportation and labels for our countries of origin. Thank you for for sharing your stories with your children, it is obvious that this was a huge area of interest to this group.

Art: Our Dana Irving trees are really sprucing up our walls. Enjoy the pictures.

Math:  Students have done very well learning about algebraic equations.  They started with learning how to solve for the unknown with a t-chart and then looking for patterns in pictures.  We will continue working on this next week.

Writing:  Students completed their SuperHero persuasive writing piece and we will begin a unit on comparison writing next week.

Bible:  We are continuing with our unit on Promises of God.  This week we looked at prayer and we will look at what the Bible promises us when we are afraid.

Science:  We did a variety of experiments where we learned the difference between solutes and solvents, concentrated and diluted solutions.

A few things to note:

Storybook Character Day on March 10th:  We have a fun dress up day during the last week of school!  As this may need some additional planning, we wanted to get this out to you right away.

French Quiz came home today.  Please take a look over it and let me know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 24 – Pink Shirt Day

Feb. 26 – Knights Day

Mar. 5 – Knights Day

Mar. 10 – Storybook Character Day

Mar. 12 – Knights Day/Last Day Before Spring Break

Mar. 29 – Classes resume

A few pictures for you to enjoy…

Weekly Update

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  We had a great week this week and our classroom is a flurry of activity!  Here is a snapshot of what we have been working on this last week:

Math:  Students finished up their unit on division and will beginning a unit on algebraic equations.

Writing:  Students have chosen their SuperHero and have begun writing their persuasive pieces.  We will finish up this week.

French:  We have been working on the numbers 1-20 in French and will have a quiz on Tuesday.

Bible:  We will continue looking at the theme of Prayer this week.

Science:  We have been learning about mixtures and solutions this week.  Next week we will look at a variety of Science terms such as solvents, solutes, dissolve, and then review what we have learned thus far.

Reading: This week we shared the stories we want to pass on to future generations. The stories were exciting, engaging, and inspiring.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our family immigration stories which we will share next week. Posters and paragraphs are due on Thursday. If there are any family artifacts such as immigration documents or photos that your child would like to share, please take a picture of them and send in an email to Ms. Miller at amiller@highroadacademy.com

Coming Up…

French Quiz:  Students brought home their French duotangs to help them prepare for their French quiz this Tuesday.  It will be an oral quiz where students need to write down the French number that I am saying.  The quiz will be out of 10.

Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday:  Students can wear pink shirts this Wednesday and we will spend some time learning about the origins of Pink Shirt Day and do some activities reinforcing kindness.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 24 – Pink Shirt Day

Feb. 26 – Knights Day

Mar. 5 – Knights Day

Mar. 10 – Storybook Character Day

Mar. 12 – Knights Day/Last Day Before Spring Break

Mar. 29 – Classes resume


Rube Goldberg Machines

We had SO MUCH FUN designing and building our Rube Goldberg machines!  I was so proud of the students ability to design, collaborate, problem solve and build these amazing machines!  As parents weren’t able to join us this year, I took a video of everyone’s machine.

My apologies you didn’t get this sooner!  I was experiencing technical difficulties…as in I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to post these as videos instead of links!  =)




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