Science Quiz Tomorrow

I wanted to send a quick reminder that students have a Science quiz tomorrow.  I sent home a study guide last week so they could review what we have been learning in preparation for the quiz.

Thank you!

Weekly Update

We had a great week here in the Grade Five classroom.  Students worked hard to ‘solve the mystery’ and earn their Sweet Treat. They enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate yesterday!  Here’s a snapshot of what we worked on this week:

Math: students continued working on double digit multiplication.  We will take a break from multiplication for awhile and begin learning about division next week.

Writing:  Students are finishing up their first writing piece on their favourite season.  We will spend some time editing on Monday and then work on a plan for our next writing piece.

Science:  Students finished up their learning on Simple Machines and we did some whole class studying for our upcoming Quiz on Tuesday.

Health/Bible:  Students completed their 2021 goals that correlate with the BC Core Competencies.  They also completed an end of term self reflection and we spent some time working on classroom citizenship.

Reading: Wonder folders were handed in today and we spent some time tying up a few odds and ends to wrap up Term 1.

Social Studies: We are continuing our learning about Canada’s government systems. Students reflected on how elections have changed throughout history and whether or not they would ever want to put in the work of being a candidate.

Here are a few things coming up…

Science Quiz on Tuesday:  A quiz sheet was sent home on Tuesday.  Please remind your child to prepare for the upcoming quiz.

Jersey Day on Wednesday: Students can wear any team jersey on Wednesday with casual bottoms.

Noon dismissal on Friday:  Friday is a half day and we will dismiss students at noon.

January Dates:

Jan. 20 – Jersey Day

Jan. 22 – Knights Day & Early Dismissal for K-12

Jan. 29 – Term 1 Report Cards go home & Knight’s Day

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Few Things…

BYO Mug Tomorrow:  Students have worked hard to earn a ‘sweet treat’ tomorrow and will get some cookies and hot chocolate!  Please send along a mug to school tomorrow.

Science Quiz on Tuesday, January 19th:  We have also come to the end of our Science unit on Force, Motion & Simple Machines.  We will be having a quiz next Tuesday, January 19th.  A study guide is coming home today.  We will be doing some studying in class but ask that your help your child prepare for this quiz.

Thank you!


Weekly Update

We have made it to the end of our first week back at school!  It was wonderful to see the class again and Ms. Miller and I were very please at the work students completed this week – they jumped right back in!

Here’s a snapshot of what we worked on this week:

Math:  We are continuing to work on multiplication and are turning our focus to multiplying larger digits.  This week we worked on multiplying digits by 10, 100 and 1000.  Next week we will focus on various strategies to multiply double digits.

Writing:  Before Christmas we were concentrating on writing personal narrative stories.  We will now turn our attention to a non-fiction writing style called persuasive writing.  Students this week were introduced to the style, showed the skeleton (what, why, why, why, what was that again) and learned about the type of vocabulary that we use in persuasive writing.  Next week students will write their first piece on their favourite season.

Health/Bible:  In addition to our citizenship focus, students are looking at BC’s core competencies (thinking, communication, and personal/social) and using them to create goals for this part of the school year.

Science:  We reviewed the concepts of force, friction, gravity, potential & kinetic energy and have started learning about the six different simple machines.

Social Studies: Who knew that Canada had such a range of incredible heroes? Right before the break the class presented their heroes representing the major physical regions of Canada. WOW! They were so much fun, and it was great to see all the learning that took place the past month and a half. This week we did some group-assessment, self-assessment and reflection on this project.

Reading: We are nearing the end of our time with Wonder. Everyone is finalizing the last parts of their folders, which are due next Thursday. This week we drew our own self-portraits in the style of the book cover, wrote precepts to live our lives by, and came up with possible alternate titles for the book. Busy, busy, busy! We finished up by having a class discussion about what it means to ‘choose kind’, the theme of the book, and ways that we can be kind to one another and the power that our words have.

A few more items…

Citizenship Focus:  Over the next week we will be focusing on classroom citizenship.  We will explore themes such as building a wall of trust and what it means to be a good classmate, empathy and being careful with our words, including others and teamwork.  Yesterday morning we looked at what it means to be a good classmate.  We built a ‘wall of trust’ with Kleenex boxes and then watched how negative comments and actions can break down the wall and create a classroom that feels unsafe for students.  We looked at what the Bible says about treating others and explored ways we could keep our classroom safe.

Gym Strip:  Student have PE on Mondays and Fridays. We have a class goal of ALL students having their gym strip at school on Monday.

Health Checks:   Please ensure that a health check is done before your child comes to school each day.  Thank you for your diligence in this matter.

Early Morning Drop Off:  I wanted to send a reminder that students should be dropped off between 8:45 and 9:00 each morning.  If at all possible, we ask that students not be dropped off earlier than 8:45.

January Dates:

Jan. 15 – Knights Day

Jan. 20 – Jersey Day

Jan. 22 – Knights Day & Early Dismissal for K-12

Jan. 29 – Term 1 Report Cards go home & Knight’s Day

Enjoy these pictures from our Christmas class party!



Welcome Back

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday!  We had a lovely break filled with walks, board games and skiing.  We did have one eventful evening as we were stuck behind a road closure as we were coming home from an EPIC powder day at Manning!  Sleeping in the truck is definitely not all it’s cracked up to be!  On a positive note, we do have a great story to tell!

As we prepare to head back to school tomorrow, I wanted to send you the calendar for this month.  Please note that this Wednesday is PJ Day, as we reached our $5,000 food drive goal.  We also have PE tomorrow, so please remember to have gym strips packed for school!

January Calendar

Jan. 4 – School resumes

Jan. 6 – PJ DAY

Jan. 8 – Knights Day

Jan. 15 – Knights Day

Jan. 20 – Jersey Day

Jan. 22 – Knights Day & Early Dismissal for K-12

Jan. 29 – Term 1 Report Cards go home & Knight’s Day

Thank you!  Happy Sunday!

Mrs. G

Thank You & Merry Christmas

Ms. Miller and I would like to say a huge thank you for all of the thoughtful cards and gifts we received this week…we sure did get spoiled!  We wish you and your family an amazing Christmas holiday and we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Ms. Miller & Mrs. Goosen

White Elephant Gift Exchange Tomorrow

Good morning!  It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas break.  I wanted to send a reminder that we will be having our white elephant gift exchange tomorrow.  Please send a $5 wrapped gift to school.  Thank you!  =)

Weekly Update

We have come to the last week of school before Christmas break!  It is amazing how quickly time has gone by!

Here is a snapshot of what we have been working on:

Writing:  We are writing a story about a Christmas tradition or event that has happened at Christmas time.

Science:  We have been learning about force, friction and gravity.

Bible:  Our advent focus last week was on hope. This week we will look at the theme of Joy.

Math:  We began a Christmas multiplication mystery project last week and students will continue working on it this week.

SS – we had our last work block for the super hero project. Groups will present next Thursday. They look AMAZING so far!

Reading – we finished reading Wonder and discussed the theme. We will finish up a few activities in January to complete our novel study.

Art – this week we started a very challenging new art project based off of local BC artist, Dana Irving’s, work. We will continue this into January as we focus on blending, shading, and movement.

We have a few reminders of things coming up this week:

Final Week for Salvation Army:  This is the final week for donations to the Salvation Army.  We are close to reaching our goal of $5,000.  Students can bring money to class or donations can be made online as well.  Thank you for your continued support.

Class Party & White Elephant Gift Exchange on Thursday:  Please send along a $5 wrapped gift for our gift exchange on Thursday.  We will also be watching the Christmas concert and playing some Christmas Minute to Win It games on our final day of school before Christmas break.

Wednesday, Dec 16th is Silly Sweater Day

Thursday, Dec 17th Knight’s Day

Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 16 -Silly Sweater Day

Dec. 17 – Knight’s Day, $5 gift for gift exchange

Dec. 18 – Christmas Break


A Dollar A Day…

We have raised $3500 of our $5000 goal for the Salvation Army food drive.  We are asking students to bring a dollar a day for the next five days of school, as this will help us reach our goal.  Students can bring their donations into class.

Thank you for helping us support this worthy cause!

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