Thank You!

Ms. Miller and I want to say a HUGE thank you for the kind words and generous gifts we were spoiled with this week!  We were overwhelmed and are very grateful.  It was a pleasure teaching your child this year and we with you a relaxing and fun-filled summer!

Fun Day Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that we have a fun day tomorrow!  Please ensure that your child has something they can get wet in, as well as a towel and change of clothing.

Please also send along a few shopping bags as we will be sending a bunch of things home tomorrow.


Final Weekly Update

What a year this has been!  We cannot believe how quickly it has flown by and HOW MUCH your child has grown this year!  We have been so blessed to have your child in our class and have grown to care for them so much!  We will enjoy our final week together and then wish them an AMAZING summer break!

Here are a few things to note for this week:

Packing Up:  We will start sending things home on Monday so please send along a few bags for them to fill up!

Class Party:  Students have earned a final class party this Wednesday afternoon.  Please send along a snack to share!

Intermediate Fun Day on Tuesday: 

Despite the challenges of COVID and the closing of venues, the Intermediate Teachers have tried to put together a fun day of games, activities and water!!
On Tuesday, June 15, the Intermediates will head outside for some outdoor fun starting at 10:55 and running until 2:35 with breaks for lunch. This will happen rain or shine and hopefully the weather will cooperate with us. One of our exciting events is an inflatable waterslide which will be on the field. Students should be prepared to get wet and bring the following items:
  • Clothes/apparel students can waterslide in (appropriate swimwear only – no swimwear that too much skin)
  • Clothes for students to change into after water events
  • Towel
  • Hats and sunscreen (We’re still hopeful!!!!)
  • lunches and snack

Knight’s Wear on Wednesday – Friday:  We thought it would be GREAT to give students a break from their uniforms on the last few days of school.

Last Upcoming Dates:

Monday, June 14th – Last time with our Grade 1 Buddies

Tuesday, June 15th – Intermediate Fun Day

Wednesday, June 16th – Class Party

Friday, June 18th – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Report Cards home & noon dismissal


Weekly Update

It really feels like the end of the school year is coming so quickly, doesn’t it!  This year has just flown by!  We had a great track and field meet on Friday!  It was so fun seeing the class compete hard and show excellent sportsmanship!  Way to go!  Ms. Froyland put together a video of our Track and Field Meet!  Enjoy!

Below is some information for you as well as what we worked on last week:

Math:  We continued our learning on long multiplication.  We will keep working on this until the end of the school year.

Writing:  Students have been mapping out their fractured fairy tales and will begin writing tomorrow.

Science:  Students have been creating a brochure for the respiratory system,

Reading: Students completed nonfiction reading tasks in which they identified various text features within articles.

Social Studies: The class reflected on all of their learning this year about Canada and the treatment of Indigenous Peoples. This week we looked at ‘now what?’ as a way to build community and hope. This included an in depth look at the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as an overview of Canada’s action plan in the TRCC document. Many of the students made a decision to actively stand up to racism after we visited the ribbon display created by our high school students on the soccer field.

Current Events: Quebec map is due on Wednesday

Videos for Shelly Thiessen & Kathy Teschke

Hello parents,

We are putting together some SURPRISE videos for Kathy and Shelley’s retirements/last days at Highroad. If you don’t know them, they are two of our key office ladies we have been so blessed to have. Shelley is retiring and Kathy is moving up to Prince George where her and her husband bought at RV park. They are removed from this group and won’t see this, so don’t tell them. We will also be having a drive by parade which is currently planned for the 15th at the 3pm school pick up if you want to drop off a card or something then.

We are using a program that is super simple for our video! Click the link below if you are interested in joining and it will give you instructions on how to add your video. You could do either a little thank you clip, funny memory or something on your heart. Doesn’t need to be long, short and sweet is preferred! We are hoping to get this done by the end of next week.


You can email if you have any questions.

Kathy’s video link

Shelley’s video link

If you can’t click below just copy and paste it in your web browser.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, June 15th – Intermediate Fun Day

Wednesday, June 16th – Class Party

Friday, June 18th – Last Day of School (noon dismissal)


Track & Field Meet on Friday

We are going to run a track meet for our Intermediate Department on the morning of Friday, June 4th.  Students will stay in their classroom groups and move through a variety of track and field events.  This will be a fun way to celebrate the work they have been doing in PE, and cheer on their classmates.

Please have your child wear their gym strip or an orange shirt with gym strip shorts to school on Friday. Athletic shoes are a must.  Students will need a water bottle to take and are encouraged to wear sunscreen and a hat.

Weekly Update

We had a great week this week and it was lovely to have so many students back in the classroom.  We have THREE WEEKS left!  Ms. Miller and I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by!  We were just talking about how we will miss this class so much…but we won’t start thinking about quite yet!

Here’s a snapshot of what we have been doing this week:

Writing:  We have continued to look at fractured and traditional fairy tales and then chose which fairy tale we are going to fracture and write.  That will begin next week!

Science:  We continued our learning about the respiratory system.  Next week students will be introduced to the final project they will work on to display their learning about this fascinating system.

Math:  This week we finished our decimal unit and students wrote a quiz on Friday.  Next week we will continue our work with multi digit multiplication.

Reading We are looking at text features in non-fiction texts. This week we did a lot of practice trying to find various features in books from our school library.

Social Studies This week we used our new text features skills to identify how they can help us to better read and understand texts about immigration.

On Thursday we watched the movie Wonder in lieu of our field trip. We read this book as our first novel study of the year and it was fun to see how our imaginations and understanding of the story were similar and different to that of the movie interpretation.

June Calendar

Friday, June 4th Intermediate Sports Day

Friday, June 11th Intermediate Sports Day

Friday, June 18th Last Day of School & Noon Dismissal

Have a great weekend!


Weekly Update

We hope you and your families are doing well and enjoyed the long weekend.  The classroom was quieter this week, with some students studying from home.  We took a step back last week, not wanting to jump into new material while many were not in the classroom.  Tomorrow we will resume our units and look forward to the final four weeks of school!

A Few Items…

Basketball Camp – there is room for your child in the outdoor basketball camp.  If you are interested in registering please email The camp runs on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 4:30 and was set to start tomorrow.  They have decided to delay the start by one week and it will begin next Tuesday.

Lindeman Lake Trip Cancelled – I wanted to post this one more time in case you missed it.

Track Meet – we are going to run a track meet for our intermediate department on Friday, June 4th.  Students will stay in their classroom groups and move through a variety of track and field events.  This will be a fun way to celebrate the work they have been doing in PE, and cheer on their classmates.

Intermediate Fun Day on Tuesday, June 15th – Students will go through a variety of stations with their classmates (they will stay in their cohort), including some water stations!  Please send along bathing suits, towels and sunscreen on the 15th!

Upcoming Dates:

May 28th – Knight’s Day
June 4 – Intermediate Track Meet @ HRA & Knight’s Day
June 11- Knight’s Day
June 15 – Intermediate Fun Day
June 18 – Last Day of School (noon dismissal)
If your child is not returning this week please send me an email at pgoosen@highroadacademy so we can arrange for you to pick up work for your child.
Have a great week.


Dear parents,

As we work through these recent challenges, there are several ways that you, as parents, can help us out! First of all, we would like to continue to strongly encourage you to drop-off as close to the 8:45 time as possible. For after school, students need to be picked up before 3:15 at the very latest so we can minimize the congregating of parents and students on the school property.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with having your child at school or your child is feeling ill, and you are keeping your child home please let the office and myself know so that we can plan accordingly. In this blog post, you will find activities that you can do with your child at home that are based on the activities happening at school.  Mrs. Goosen’s email is and Ms. Miller’s email is

If your child will be staying home for the next while we have a list of suggested activities that are related to the topics we are studying in class:

Reading:  Students are encouraged to read a minimum of 30 minutes every day, this could be on their own or as a read aloud with an adult. If you are curious as to what your child has chosen to read here are a few discussion prompts to choose from at the end of their reading time:

  • What has happened in the story so far?
  • What do you think will happen next? Why?
  • What emotions is the character feeling? How do you know?
  • Are there some parts of this story that are more important than others? Which ones? Why are they most important?
  • What’s the big idea in what you’ve read today?
  • What questions would you like to ask the author right now?

Writing:  We are working to identify the different elements of a story.  If your child reads a chapter or picture book, have them identify the following:  setting, characters, beginning, middle and end of the story, the problem and how it was solved.  They can do this verbally or in written form.

Math:  We are working with decimals. Have your child look through the grocery story flyers to practice their addition and subtraction of decimals.  This can include things like planning a grocery shopping trip when given a set amount of money, planning a meal and seeing how much it would cost (and if they gave a certain amount, how much change would they get back), or seeing how much of one item they can purchase with a set amount of money (how many jugs of juice could you buy with $10).

Science:  We are learning about the respiratory system.  I would love students to research and find some cool facts about this body system.  They should write these facts out and represent them with a coloured picture.

Lindeman Lake:  Please note that the school has cancelled all upcoming field trips.  Unfortunately we will not be hiking Lindeman Lake on May 27th,

Thank you.

Mrs. Goosen & Ms. Miller

Weekly Update

We had a lovely week this week and have the students have worked hard, despite the weather feeling like summer holidays!  It is hard to believe that we only have five weeks of school left! How time has flown by!  Here is a snapshot of what we did this week:

Math:  We worked on decimals and money as well as rounding decimals.  Next week we will finish our decimal unit and end with large digit multiplication.

Writing:  We have begun our story writing unit by looking at the elements of a story.  We will be focusing on both fractured and original fairy tales and use these as a springboard to write our own fairytale.

Science:  We started learning about the respiratory system.  We watched a couple of interesting videos, have done some reading and a few exercises that focus on our breathing.

French:  We wrote our quiz and have started a unit on colours.

Reading: We did an escape room using clues from our novel study. Congratulations to the team that broke out before the timer went off! This week we also completed our final Amal Unbound comprehension activities, these include final chapter questions, a plot diagram, a book summary, and an extra chapter. Anything that wasn’t completed during class time is due by Wednesday.

Tower of Books: The class began a reading challenge with the goal of each team reading a total of 40 books by the end of the school year. This week each group came up with a book themed name and started their reading. We are exploring different genres, summaries, and strategy during this challenge. Students are encouraged to read at home as well to help their team!

**Reminder that school is closed tomorrow**
Upcoming Dates:
May 17th – No School
May 21 – Pro-D Day
May 24 – Victoria Day – No School
May 27 – Lindeman Lake Field Trip
June 18 – Last Day of School
Here’s some pictures for you to enjoy!

Weekly Update

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather today!  My apologies that this is coming later than usual!  Here is a breakdown of what we did this week:

Math:  Students have worked hard on decimals and will be focusing on adding and subtracting decimals this week, as well as working with money.

Writing:  We have completed our poetry unit and students chose their poems for the poetry book.  A BIG congratulations to Jason who won this year’s poetry slam!  Well done, Jason!  This week we are starting a story writing unit.

Science:  We have come to then end of our digestive system unit and students will write a quiz tomorrow, before moving on to the respiratory system.

Bible:  Students completed their independent Bible study this week and learned what the Bible had to say about a variety of topics.  We are turning our attention to our LEADS program, which helps students deal with conflict, and integrating both picture books and Bible stories to help deepen our learning.

Reading: We finished Amal Unbound! The class was held in suspense until the final sentence when everyone cheered at the result of a happy ending. We will be continuing some activities related to the novel in the coming week.

Current Events: “Chasing a Prairie Fireball” is due on Wednesday.

Social Studies: This week we did a mini lesson combined with our Reading block on the history of silent reading and the English language. This included a look at ancient Hebrew, Latin texts, scriptio continua (writing without spaces), and an Indo-European family tree. This was to learn why silent reading is so new and how it changed the way we learn and communicate. Some great conversations were sparked.

Things coming up:

Lindeman Lake field trip form is coming home tomorrow.  We would love some parents to join us on this trip!  Please make sure your criminal record check is up to date at the office.

French Quiz on Tuesday:  A study guide came home last week.  Students will match up days of the week and months of the year.

Upcoming Dates:
May 14 – Knights Day
May 21 – Pro-D Day
May 24 – Victoria Day – No School
May 27 – Lindeman Lake Field Trip
June 18 – Last Day of School

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